Dear Everyone,

Hope everyone is keeping well and safe. Heartfulness center wishes everyone ease, wellness, joy and happiness to get through the current situation soonest, quickest and fastest.

To assist our community in their own humble way with what they can help best with, Heartfulness Center is happy to offer daily online guided meditation sessions as per the above schedule. We are also happy to conduct 1-1 telephone sessions by appointment (for free as always) if anyone sincerely needs a private meditation session. Simply e-mail Richmond.VA@Heartfulness.Org with your needs and they will work with you to make that happen.

To join online meditations, simply click on Alernatively you can simply click on  14084189388,,793187686# and you will be directly dialed into the meditation session at the scheduled times below.

Stay Safe! Stay Serene! 

  • In addition to our online sessions, our global guide Daaji will be offering remote meditation sessions daily from Monday to Saturday as well as on Sunday. All of us worldwide can sit remotely in our homes for satsangh at the following times:
      • Sunday – Friday : 9:30pm EDT
      • Saturday: 11:30pm EDT

Beautiful Memories of HeartFest!


  • I’m so happy to have found the Heartfulness Center. My freshman year of college I lived in a Mindfulness living Learning community. We read a lot of Thich Nhat Hanh’s writings on meditation. I haven’t consistently meditated in quite some time. I have been looking for a Sangha to get back in the swing of things.
    I’m just so happy that this center has reached out with such open and accepting arms.

    Gabrielle DeBoissiere

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the event on August 25. It offered so much for people and is a true asset for the community. The mission is wonderful and the word is spreading.

    Randy Silber

    Deputy County Manager for Community Development
  • Since coming to meditation, those there I have come to know you, have all struck me as authentically loving and compassionate people, whose good humor, smiles and quiet demeanor have meant so much to me. I am grateful to know you all and to count you as my friends.


  • Cornelia Brower

  • Your Center is so beautiful and so loving. I am blessed to have found you guys through some of my friends.


  • The Heartfulness center is a center for people who enjoy to learn meditation,or just do meditation on a regular basis. It is free, and friendly to all.
    The specialty of this organization is the art of transmission. When we meditate, there is an advanced meditator, who knows how to transmit, sitting in front of the room to help us to stay focused.We just concentrate on the heart. It is also encouraged to take single sessions to feel the transmission better.
    I must say, my mind could concentrate so much better in the center, then when I used to meditate on my own previously.
    In addition, after the meditation we are shown a short film from the founder.
    I enjoy this center, because I can come and go freely, and nothing is asked of me. The people are very nice to me. The center survives on donations.
    Very nice programs are offered, At times of celebrations a yoga teacher gives us a free class, and different practitioners offer examples of their work for free.
    Often we have guest speakers too.