What to expect?

It is okay to be little apprehensive when we go to new or unknown place but most people who visit this meditation center says that they were greeted and welcomed genuinely and felt the atmosphere very calming and reassuring. 

What to expect on entering?

Warm Welcome 🙂

When you come to the meditation center, you will be welcomed and helped on entering the building. You will be requested to remove your shoes and guided towards meditation hall. Please try to come few minutes before the time to settle down and get ready for meditation. 

What to expect in the Meditation Hall?


Please turn off your telephone or put in airplane mode. Make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes gently and let the guided relaxation lead you into Meditation. The trainer conducting the meditation will say "please begin Meditation" and end the session by saying "That's all". 

How to Meditate?

Meditate on Heart

Sit comfortably. Close your eyes gently. Give a suggestion to yourself that there is divine light in your heart; Love and light is drawing your attention inward. It is natural have thoughts during meditation, whenever you realize you are attending to your thoughts, give back the same suggestion to light in the heart.

What to expect after Group Meditation?

There will be a short video or reading followed by announcements after the meditation is over. Either someone will reach out to you or you may reach out to the trainer for follow up sessions. You are most welcome to join everyone for home cooked dinner on Fridays.