* Please turn off your cell phones 🙂

* Please try to arrive a few minutes prior to the meditation start times for the benefit of others and to give yourself time to settle and relax into the meditation*

Welcome – New Meditation Practitioners !!


  • Aug 23 Fri and Aug 24 Sat: Volunteers needed for various festival tasks. Details to follow
  • Aug 24 (This Saturday): Heart Festival (Program details on HeartFestival.org)
  • Sep 1: Monthly Gathering; Group Meditation – Reading/Discussion – Lunch
  • Fabulous Fridays: 6pm Yoga for adults & 7pm Meditation for adults; Art Class for Kids
          • Monthly –  3rd Fridays (16 Aug, 20th Sep, 18th Oct)

Schedule (open to all):

Walk-in Meditations at the center:

  • Mon-Fri: At 6 pm or 7 pm
  • Sat-Sun : 9 am, or 10 am
  • Note that the meditations on Wednesday 7pm, Friday 7pm and Sunday 10am are larger groups (also called Satsanghs/Group Meditations)

New Arrivals at the Book Store 

  • Collectors Edition – Heartfulness Magazine
  • Yearning of the Heart Vol 1. – Some of Daaji’s talks 2012-17
  • Whispers (special messages) from 1944